Just about to start a board meeting and whilst I have 30 minutes spare I thought that I would write a quick catch up blog.

I wonder, if you were to assess how much of your potential you are actually using at work or in life, what percentage would you score?

Research would suggest the average person would say around 65% of their total potential is actually being used.  If that is actually correct imagine if we just upped our potential by 10%?

How is it possible to do that?  I think having a MAP(P) is essential. Having a guide or strategy that enables you to maximise your time and push your potential even further.

The last P stands for your Purpose.  What are you actually trying to achieve and what price are you prepared to pay for it?  Can you see your purpose clearly and are passionate about it? Can you describe what it will sound and feel like when you are there?  Who else do you need to be there and in the picture to fulfil it. Are they aware that you need their support and are they willing to give it.  How many years are you looking ahead before this will be completed?

The second to last P stands for your plan, what is the plan to achieve your purpose?  How long will each step take, what are the key actions that you need to carry out? What are the steps along the way that you need to achieve?

The A stands for the abilities that you need to achieve your purpose, do you have the necessary skills? If not how are you getting them and do you need other people to have those skill sets if you don’t?

The M stands for your Mind.  This is always going to be the key in all you undertake.  Everything you do, say, feel or think starts with a decision in your mind. The choice is yours – Do you have the key mental skills to stay calm, seize an opportunity, make decisions, be determined, resilient, communicate, have a positive internal voice and commit? If not then start training it now

Having a MAP(P) is something you can use on a daily/weekly/monthly/Yearly basis. It enables you to maximise your potential because you will know how to spend your time wisely.

I have recently been to Germany, USA, Switzerland and Scotland working across different fields all of which have been enjoyable and testing.  I an now under an element of pressure to finish off some project so about to start some early mornings and late evenings to finish them.

Have just had both knees injected with a gel to help enable to me to train harder and it has certainly helped although you would not have thought so the last time I played my son at squash.  Have a wonderful Week ahead.

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