This is your life

It has been a very busy couple of months but very fulfilling in terms of working with very talented people who keep stretching my abilities and enabling me to keep on learning new skills in the area of leadership and performance.

I have also been involved in strategy meetings for a number of sports and seeing the dedication of people that are involved in cricket, football and rugby bold well for the future of sports in the UK.

The one thing that stands out for all organisations that I work with is to think big and have dreams that scare you.  Teams must also be very clear on what their vision is and ensure everyone in the organisation understands it and what their roles and responsibilities are in delivering it.  Once the vision is clear and unambiguous it keeps everything simple.  ALWAYS HAVE THE VISION AS A NORTH STAR THAT SITS ABOVE THE HORIZON AND NO MATTER WHAT THE ADVERSITY YOU KEEP MOVING TOWARDS IT.

I have been working quite hard on a new book which I am excited about as I think it will give a quick and simple guide on how a person or team can ensure it has all the foundations in place to be successful.  I am just working through the stories I need to bring the work alive and will then blog about it.

I have also been involved in setting up a negotiating team that can deal with Kidnap and ransom cases anywhere in the World.  It has been great to meet up with some very talented negotiators and I hope we can move this concept forward.  I also want to introduce this skill to business alongside another very talented group (HALO).

Alongside this project I am looking forward to being involved in a number of speaking events on leadership and cyber crime. One of my loves is to teach people how to perform under pressure in the most demanding of circumstances.  I love to set up training that gives people an understanding of the skills they need.  Putting them under a lot of pressure to learn how to put these skills in to practice and then testing them so that the skills become imbedded and that they can now step into the pressure zone with ease.

It is also important to ensure that we do not neglect ourselves and that we take care that we are mentally and physical refreshed so that we can actually perform at our optimum.  My training is going well and I have just returned from the gym with my daughter who is now able to push me hard when it comes to boxing training.   Having the appropriate amount of rest and eating correctly also helps. The good thing about looking after yourself is that when you are in a great place you will find it much easier to help those around you.

I also celebrated my birthday two weeks ago and was reminded of the wonderful and diverse friends I have from former hells angels to primary school teachers.  It also reminded me that all the things I love and need are free. I do not need wealth to have them.

This is your life, do what you love and do it often, if you don’t like something change it, if you don’t like your job,quit, if you don’t have enough time stop watching tv, if you are looking for the love of your life, they will be waiting for you when you START DOING THE THINGS YOU LOVE, stop over analysing, all emotions are beautiful, when you eat appreciate the taste and every bite, life is simple, open your arms and heart to new people and things, we are united in our differences, travel often, get lost, see opportunities and seize them, life is about people you meet and the things you create with them, so get out and start creating, live your dream, life is short, no second chances, share you passion and LIVE a life you are proud of and have no regrets………………………….. Have a wonderful week ahead.

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