Update on life

The World has been a busy place of late.  I have been flat out in a number of different areas.  I have also recently been asked back to a couple of military establishments to talk to two groups on leadership and team building, it was quite nostalgic on both occasions.  Not from a point of wishing I was a soldier once again (well maybe a little) but from remembering all of the great times I had as a soldier.  Smells can be very evocative and enable us to remember things long forgotten and this was also the case as I wandered around the basement of a building steeped in military tradition and the smell of weapons, gun oil and military clothing came to the fore.


One of groups I worked with shone with energy. It was one of those magical times when I lost time because it passed so quickly.  The talk went in a number of directions all of which were unplanned.  I love that moment of being in a pressure zone where I am not quite sure what will come next.


I have also been working in Scotland of late and with one organization in particular.  I have watched the leadership team and the players in a number of different teams really understand what it takes to be elite.  They are holding one another to account for their performance and there is a buzz about the place that is tangible.  It is however a moment in time where they will also have to hold their nerve and remain focused on the prize of winning no matter what adversity comes there way in the coming weeks.


How do you deal with adversity…………..?  For myself the key is always to know what my North Star is.  I want to be able to describe it, visualize it and know when I get there.  I think about the contingencies I may need in place along the way, those things that could knock me off track, I ensure I can adapt along the route I have choosen, I ensure I take in feedback and if there are setbacks I learn from them.  I deal with obstacles, I go around them, over or through them.  I have in the back of my mind the key word of courage to ensure I have an extra boost when required.


I really enjoyed working in the World of show jumping last week.  It was great to see how the relationship between rider and horse plays such a crucial role in the  success of the team.  I highlighted the following areas as key to the development of an individual.


Technical ability


Mental toughness

Physical ability



I would then break this down into smaller specific areas. In my next blog I will outline how this works in practice.


I have also been out and about with my three children, watching them grow has been the greatest pleasure in my life and now seeing them in the next stage of their lives had been enlightening.  I have watched my son grow in his new role in the financial sector and start to seize the opportunities that are around him.  He has worked hard and still been able to stay fit (our last squash game was a testament to that,  I don’ think I was even as fast even when I was his age) and keep a good balance to his life.  My eldest daughter has taken to her role as though she has been in the sector for a few years.  Her natural people skills have been coming to the fore but it is also the steel she has to do well which gives her an edge.  My youngest daughter has started her law degree and it has been nice to discuss elements of contract, criminal and property law with her.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed my law degree.


The book look like it will be finally in the shops on the 15th October, which I am looking forward to.


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