Bangladesh 2

The start to the week has been very positive, three days of practice getting everyone acclimatised has been essential.  It is so important to get the feel for a new environment and the conditions. This allows us to remember that although we are still doing the same skill set whether that is in business, sport or the military, we may have to adjust our tactics and certain technical elements.

One of the key learnings I took away from from the military was that I was fortunate to be trained to work in all the environments I was likely to have to operate and fight in.  This meant I was able to understand the subtle difference between working in the desert, jungle, arctic, bush or indeed a European type environment.  I just had to remember that it was still soldiering therefore the basic skills remained, just with an upgrade in certain technical/tactical areas. The mental toughness side did not change nor the physicality required to do my job.  It is the same conditions for the competition and if we want to compete we have to adapt.  Once again those with the most flexible system will undoubtedly perform consistently well in all conditions.

What has been great with the current team that I am working with is that they have been given the opportunity to understand the conditions and tactics of all the other teams that they are likely to play against in the forthcoming World Cup. This will only bode well for their development in the short/medium and long term.

It is also important to remember that we don’t expect instant success and that this is still a learning environment with skill development and then pressure trg being the top of the agenda to build up the team to an elite performance level.  The test environment will come later in the year prior to the World Cup, which is when it will count and where they will be expected to deliver.

I am looking forward to the six nations this year, and I am fortunate to come back from India and be able to see the Wales v Scotland match at the millennium stadium which is one of my favorite stadiums in the World.  It will be interesting to see how all of the home nations rebound from the World cup and begin their preparation for the next one.


My physical trg has been going well, It is nice to be able to spend time having the correct food/hydration, right amount of sleep/rest alongside physical training.  It is times like this that I realise how fortunate I am.

Have a wonderful Week………………

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