surround yourself with inspiring people

Surround yourself with inspirational people

A very busy and exciting couple of weeks since I last wrote a blog.  I had meant to start writing every few days as a trial run but have not focussed enough on doing so.  I will rectify that after this one and see how that progresses for a couple of weeks. So stand by for a few very short updates.

Today has been a quiet day the first time for awhile and it has given me precious time to reflect on my work over the last few weeks.  It allows me to look at where I have been world class in my performance and where I have not been so.  I like my scoring system of 0-10, if I am an 8 that is good enough, anything higher then I am very pleased. One of the areas I have been working in I would have been a 7 possibly a 6, simply because of a lack of focus. I did not get in to the zone and as a result did not perform well enough.  That has been rectified and I am back to an 8 and by tomorrow I will be a 9.  Focussing on a problem and stepping into the pressure zone will always be the key.  I like the phrase “sometimes you have to eat a frog a day” (Alastair Banks).  Get the more difficult tasks out of the way as soon as possible.  The other element is that I try to score myself honestly and sometimes possibly a little harshly that way I keep a check on ego.  There is nothing wrong with having an ego as long as it does not take control and blind you to good honest clean feedback.

Two weeks ago I conducted two large leadership events with two very senior leadership teams.  Each of the teams is responsible for a number of billion dollar programmes and it was a pleasure to work with them.  The main reason for that is that I saw people actually confront the problems within their team dynamic and give very clear and caring advice without malice to one another.  In one exercise they each gave one another advice on what the person did that strengthened the team and where they detracted from being a team player.  Because everyone was honest and gave clear feedback it was received very well by each individual, it give then a start point.  A very powerful moment in both teams development.

I went to watch the Ireland V Wales Match at the millennium stadium on Saturday the 12 March, it was wonderful to see fitness levels that are simply outstanding, the day before I had climbed pen-y-fan in Wales. It is one of the hills I use to use for testing my fitness levels many years ago. I could climb to the top in 35 mins with a large pack on my back.  Sadly I made it to the top in 40 mins with only half the weight. More training required I think (I know).

I am also back in full training for a potential boxing match in June; I am going boxing this evening to get myself back up to standard although I think I am about a month away from that being the case in reality.  I am also back to using a heart rate monitor as a training aid.  Last week I set a very high target which I did not achieve, although I would like to blame the target being hard or overly optimistic  I simply did not work hard enough on two days which meant I was behind the required amount on the last day.  This week I am already in front of the target amount. A simple element of that is “if you really want something you will achieve it”.

My network has been fully supportive of late with friends sending me very good advice/thoughts on how to improve some of the work I am conducting at the moment.  I am so pleased that my network is strong; my only regret is not doing more to cement some of my earlier relationships as now I have lost contact with some wonderful people.

One of my strongest contacts wrote to me recently and I will give you a very short overview of that letter “Floyd, the world works in strange ways. We meet working on a project that is incredibly successful and then never see one another because of that success. South Africa went very well, I finally seem to be getting to grips with semi-retirement and saying “no” to things I thought I would never be able to say “no” to. It hasn’t been especially easy. I probably needed something like that to get me to use the “no” word a little more ruthlessly. I have been training quite hard these last few months, lost half a stone, and am fitter than I have been for at least ten years. I am going well in the mountains, and have sold my yacht and put an offer in on a 12 metre French aluminium boat. Waiting for the survey to be completed. It is a good design that will take me to the arctic and wherever I want to go after that”.

Surround yourself with positive and wonderful people and you will see the benefits instantly, the person above has been inspiring individuals for decades.

I have been using a number of visualisation techniques of late that have been very useful in looking at problem solving with the side benefit of ensuring that I work through possible contingencies that may occur.  The more I practice thinking about what I want to occur making that vision very  clear, vivid and focussed the more I seem to find solutions to my problems.  It is fascinating that in all my research the four key areas of mental toughness and resilience actually breakdown in to four main areas.  Visualisation, positive internal talk, goal setting, relaxation.  There are numerous other elements/strands but if you break those strands down they will start with one of these headings.

Which leads me on to my next major project alongside a friend of mine.  I am looking to develop an elite leadership programme (but I want this to also have an edge-I will explain more in the coming months) and also develop alongside that a psychometric tool that enables people to assess where they are now in terms of their leadership development and then look at ways of improving their start point. To undertake this I have enlisted an expert in this field so we can undertake a joint project.  I will let you know how we both go on developing this over the coming months.

My work on anti –piracy, the middle east, building an operations room in Dubai is growing steadily and the team I am working with are excellent.   I have also been undertaking more work with a group called Vistage who are an excellent speaker/leadership development organisation. My most recent event was with such an excellent group of entrepreneurs that I was fully energised by the time I finished and would have liked to have stayed with them for the rest of the day. The next few weeks are busy with a trip to the Middle East in the coming weeks, I am also working with the Scottish Institute of Sport on a high performance programme which I am really looking forward too.  Have a lovely weekend. Last point for me.

Mens sana in corpore sano (a healthy mind in a healthy body) – did you know The brain on average wieghs 3lb, within it there are 12 trillion neruons or nerve cells, 1,000 trillion trillion protein molecules, each brain cell can connect with 100,000 adjoining brain cells.  It is possible to show that the 10 billion neurons in the brian has a possibility of connections of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. How much potential of your wonderful mind do you truley explore and grow.  A great way to look at fitness is to look at your strength, your areobic ability and your flexibility as well as eating a healthy diet.  Does the food we eat effect the way we think? YES. Take care.

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