Life in an Elite Football Team

As the newly appointed Performance Nutritionist for a premiership football club I was pleased to welcome Vitabiotics into the senior team’s nutritional locker for this season.

They are one of the leading companies in health and sports dietary supplementation, and this new association offered a chance for the team to benefit from the side of nutrition and sports performance rarely seen.

Namely, the newly researched hot topics of the industry relating to sleep enhancement, brain function, immunity, heart function and improvements in injury outcome and long-term joint health.

Elite football has many different nutritional challenges no more so than as we move into the Autumn and Winter where seasons can be won or lost.

The switch to colder temperatures is associated with increased opportunities for colds, and coughs but also the start of injuries due to busy competition schedule and short recovery periods.

The benefits of additional vitamins at key times during an illness have been clearly shown, and for this reason we have been quick to design an immunity pack for each of the players.

Central to this pack has been the use of “Immunace and Immuneace Extra Protection” which the players also supplement with “Wellman Energise drink” following games to support recovery.

While physical recovery is a priority, we also have others high on our agenda this season.

We know that nutrition has a significant effect on skill performance, and how quickly your brain sends messages to your muscles determines the effectiveness of a movement pattern.

So we are focusing heavily on mental recovery and brain function to safeguard game performance and reduce injuries from fatigue.

From my personal experience this is the forgotten warrior in team sports as it can help players learn tasks or skills at an accelerated rate. Key nutrients such as Co Enzyme Q 10, phosphotdyleserine, and Omega 3 fish oils stand out in this area. For this reason we have been quick to use the Neurozan range at different stages during training in the build-up to matches. Apart from recovery, we have a duty of care to look after the short-term and long-term health of all the players.

For example bone health is a very important area for our players to avoid getting injuries that are usually accompanied by lengthy lay-offs.

More importantly for every bone or joint injury, players can find their long term bone health affected when they finish their football career.

Nutritionally, getting adequate calcium in your diet is sometimes difficult with hectic lifestyles, and football is no different.

So when the medical team also highlighted a trend of drops in the bone building vitamin D during the season we had no hesitation to be supplementing players with a selection of products from the Osteocare range.  While football has its own challenges, many of the things above are relevant to everyday folk. Clarity of thought in the work place, a healthy heart, recovery from joint surgery, and supporting immunity are just some of these crossover areas which can apply to supporters as well as top footballers and athletes. For more information visit or consult your GP.

For me health is so important in a balanced lifestyle.  If you are working 12 hours a day in an office without the proper food and hydration how can you expect to perform at your best.  Well you can’t.  How often do we put this off until it is too late. Far too often and I watch people all the time who are highly talented and running themselves into the ground.  This means that at some stage they will blow a fuse. More to follow.

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