Now sat in a villa in Dubai at the end of a long day, air conditioning is blasting away as it is still very hot outside. I have just come back from the gym and I am cooling down with a nice cold beer. I arrived here on Saturday morning after a nice flight in Club and went straight into planning for a negotiation I am undertaking tmw. The team I am working with had prepared a lot of the ground work before hand so we worked through the detail to ensure that we did not miss anything of importance. The work we are undertaking is to ensure a multimillion pound contract starts well and has enough flexibility in the processes to ensure that it evolves over time. The devil is always in the detail and it does require discipline to stay focussed on it. Now back to what has been happing in my world this week. I have been dealing with a number of similar issues of late, one particular one in the UK is a very interesting case study. The desire to hit bottom lines and numbers will always drive a commercial environment and this does not need to change. However the need to take into consideration the effect on the work force is paramount if an organisation wants to truly have effect and hit not the bottom number/bottom line but the top number/line. I have noticed an element of risk taking in organisations because of commercial expediency, consequently values/safety take a backseat as companies decided to cut corners or demand more from their own staff or supporting organisations for less. A bullying attitude then prevails as people are subjected to regimes that demand they drive things forward without considering the effect it is happening on peoples welfare or standards. I have noticed that some people dare not stand up for what is right because they will/may lose their jobs. This however is where we truly get to see how far we are willing to go before standing up for what we know is right. The key is always to keep emotion in check and speak to the people that make the decisions in an organisation so that they can see all of the information for themselves. If they then choose to ignore your perspective you will have two options to follow. Stay and compromise or leave. Back to the beginning of the week. On Monday I spent a day coaching a CEO who has really stepped up his performance in all areas of leadership and negotiation. He is also very fit and we spent an hour in the gym. This is great for me as I can have a very hard challenging session while at work. On Tuesday I worked with an excellent group that were coming together for first time under new leadership. The MD’s of two groups asked me to be there to run a workshop to optimise and accelerate their ability to work alongside one another more effectively. It was fun and challenging at the same time. If they commit to the suggestions they made they will go far. Wednesday was an excellent day, had a very important meeting and was asked along with two colleagues to put together a proposal to set up a group that will build a portfolio of defence companies. Very interesting project that I am looking forward to exploring. It will also link into carbon offsetting and carbon reduction projects on a Global scale. Thursday was spent with the English Cricket Board putting the finishing touches to the programme we are running next week. I will outline what this is trying to achieve over the next few days. Friday was spent coaching with a very talented financial entrepreneur; I enjoyed just listening to his journey from childhood to today. It will be interesting to work with him over the coming months. One of the groups I have also been working with are about to deploy to Pakistan and will undoubtedly have a significant effect in assisting many different organisations help get the country back on its feet. I have been pleased with their creativity, flexible and robust decision making. They have had to battle against a number of obstacles but have managed to think strategically and keep focussed on the aim of the project. They deploy shortly. My youngest daughter entered a very hard military competition at the weekend marching over 20 miles in four hours, patrolling at night, fighting in buildings and then completing a number of tasks for points. The team she was in won a silver medal. It is funny listening to her talk about military terms in such detail and use the appropriate acronyms when describing her patrolling or command tasks. It almost takes me back to being a soldier. I have also decided to come alongside and work within an excellent company and spend some of my time helping them maximise their potential in a competitive market place. Time management will become a very important aspect of my world. Anyway have a lovely week ahead.

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