I have been working quite hard on a number of projects of late the most important is my book on performance. To support some of my thoughts I have been doing elements of research in numerous fields on mental toughness. I am surprised at the ambiguity and conflicting definitions in this area. It is a complex and multidimensional subject and it is generally accepted that it occurs when someone is under pressure or in adversity.

Although I would add that mental toughness also occurs without pressure or adversity. It is sometimes about closing the game when you are winning and staying strong. A great saying always helps in this area. “just when you thing you are winning is the most dangerous time”. Writing my thoughts on the blog has also helped me refine my thoughts on the book and all I need to do now is spend a little time under the hour glass to make significant inroads into it.

My work of late continues to be diverse and exciting as I come across many new projects which have enormous potential to be intellectually stimulating and have impact on society. The latest one is developing clean technology for carbon reduction projects in a multitude of different countries. It is in the early stages of development but could be an exciting project to be involved in for two reasons. The first is that it continues to develop my understanding of business in an international arena and secondly it has a social responsibility element which can only enhance the desire to see that these projects become successful.

This week I am also waiting for the results of the two day seminar that was run in London on crisis leadership. I am expecting the results to be hard hitting and allow all of the groups that attended to fully understand where they are now and how they can close the gap to where they need to be in the shortest possible time. It is always interesting that this is the most dangerous time in any event. Do people actually take notice of the findings and do something about it, or do we ignore it because we still haven’t decided who is actually responsible for the result?

Friday night I went for a few beers with my son and his friends. We played pool until late into the evening and also went to a night club. Drinking games were also involved. I did not get out bed until 3 pm the next day, thank goodness I only lost a few of the games compared to some of the group. I spoke to my son in the afternoon and asked him how he felt. He said he felt like death. Strangely this made me feel much better. Later in the afternoon I then arrived at a hotel in Pembrokeshire which is a place where you almost go back in time. Dogs and children take precedence, there are cricket matches on the beach with lots of people participating, table tennis competitions and late night darts games that involve the whole pub. People from all walks of life are thrown together from the very wealthy to the not so wealthy. The one common factor is that everyone does their best to get on and compromise. The football season starts with a bang in a week’s time, I have been working with one manager whom I wish all the best for the forthcoming season.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

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