2 thoughts on “Performing under pressure

  1. A great article that deserves wider circulation. I like too the idea of creating a cauldron of pressure beforehand. Which athletes do you see as the most composed?

    I ask this as to me downhill racers and those in motorsports seem to have that edge. Plus intriguingly Gold medalist Olympians can also be phenomenally composed and concentrate when it suits them. It’s as if they can compartementalise issues and switch themselves on or off at will. I remember interviewing Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe and what struck me as well as his self awareness, astuteness and modesty was his composure. This was reflected in a speech he had done earlier to a massive high level audience of peers and poliicians which was from the heart and betrayed no sign of nerves

    My observation too is that often these people have the the Edge… Hunter S Thompson maintained ‘there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.’ Ken Read a skiier talked once about his learning experience when he nearly skiid into a shack and how many young skiiers who often need a governor get seduced by the adrenalin rush of the most exhilerating ride in the world and oftenonly learn the hard way.

    My questions for you how did your own composure really and most develop? Was it developed progressively and once you have reached a certain level can you take it for granted?

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