Four Steps to Success

I have seen a common theme in all people who succeed. I break it down into four key areas:

  1. Vision
    north starThe first is the vision that a person has as an individual, as a team member or as part of an organisation – a clear, unambiguous statement of intent, like a North Star that you can see no matter what the circumstances or problems, and you keep moving towards it.
  2. solitary man looking out over a lakeStart Point
    The second is understanding your start point: How good are you in the technical aspects of your skill? How well do you apply it tactically? How fit are you in health and diet? What is the culture you want to create and work in? What is your ethos? And, most importantly, how mentally tough are you?
  3. rock climber clinging onto a cliffPressure Zone
    If you want to succeed in life, there is a “pressure zone” to operate in, and you must try to be in that zone as often as you can to ensure that you get used to the touch and feel of that place.
  4. x-ray of head with machinery in skullCommit
    Lastly, you need to be able to commit unconditionally to the challenge and make the first step. Chrysalis is about showing you how to understand yourself, your team and your organisation, and how to make that first step.

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